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T-Traxx aka Mark US started his career in electronic beats end of the 90ies. Actually he started as a rock singer and guitarist, later as well as a producer and composer. Mark have been working for the indian rapper Punjabi MC and as DJ and keyboarder for the former VIVA TV „Club Rotation“ host Daisy Dee.
After working in different bands and touring, he decided to get back to his passion „electronic music“ in 2018 and kept going forward. His mix of EDM, House and Trance is his trademark. In 2019 he started his own label „Liquid Brain“.
 „I`m doing remixes and originals. There are so many good old tracks, need to be remixed, we older people still remember and the next generation do not even know, but like. I`m adding my own beats and sounds to thees track to give them my spacial note to it and they will rock every dance floor again, T-Traxx says.....



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